Service 3D Printing


3D printing of your data:

Depending on the printing technique there are three basic options for 3D prints:

Standard 3D prints

(90 – 150 mm / Nylon)

Large 3D prints

(160 – 240 mm / Polylactone)

Metal 3D prints

Looking for a unique item?

Go for gold plated metal 3D prints!


3D prints of a structure will be monochrome usually in a white or warm white color. Custom colors are possible. The print size is limited by the print volume of the machines. The charge for a final 3D print depends on the complexity of the project and on the print size. Printing time and material consumption will increase cubic with growing print dimensions. There will be a reduction in price for academic / educational institutions of 20 %.


Custom print dimensions are possible.


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MLM 3D – 3D printing service